Sunday, June 29, 2008


Tomorrow is the end of June and the halfway point of The Year of the Stash (nevermind that I've decided it might be a 2-year endeavor--I try not to think about that). To be able to say I've used up 59 balls by June 30 drove me to this:See where we're at?
Only one more swoopy, then the side and back edging. This also marks the end of the first additional ball of yarn I bought for this shawl, making me extremely glad I didn't just buy one. That I bought three was perhaps a little overkill, but put "discontinued" with "mind-numbing never-ending rows of edging" and it's amazing I didn't orchestrate a hostile takeover of Rowan to get their remaining stock of Kidsilk Haze Night.

Once I used up the 59th ball of yarn, I shoved the mohair episode into a bag and spent a little quality time at the sewing machine. I finished Andy's flannel pajama top today,

which is extremely fortunate as it was a nippy 104 degrees today. The house is so warm that it will probably be October before Andy will even be willing to try them on. I've already safely moved them to his closet so I can't lose them before then. I may not be able to find things, but I am a fast learner!