Friday, July 31, 2015

I Have Come To A Realization

If we lived in an era when everything had to be hand-sewn, we would be naked.  

 This is not an exaggeration.  On Andy's shirt, the facing for the cuffs and the collar had to be slip-stitched down by hand, and even with a thimble and the good thread, I managed to stab myself repeatedly AND break the thread twice.  Thank heavens I top-stitched over them, as I wouldn't trust my seams through even one laundry cycle.


 the shirt progresses and this morning got the first sleeve.  I pinned it in last night, but I wasn't too sure of my placement, so I thought it might be wise to revisit it again with coffee.  The sleeve had plenty of markings, but they didn't actually have the same corresponding markings on the shirt, so I was just sort of hoping that the square was meant to line up with one seam and the circle another, because in order to simplify the sleeve placket, the pattern moved the sleeve seam to match up with the BACK yoke seam. 
It works like a charm, but is REALLY confusing to pin.  When possible, I do try to buy patterns that have a designer attached to them--this happens to be a Palmer/Plesch pattern.  The instructions are better and the fitting instructions are good.  I think having one less seam in the underarm will be a huge bonus, so now that I've got it figured out, I think it will be my standard long-sleeve shirt for Andy. 

I ended up spending the evening with the scarf instead,
which is now just over halfway done.  It's going faster now that I can see the pattern and can check my work easily.  I've dropped stitches twice, but both times have been able to recover them without ripping back TOO much--those are very, very, VERY long rows.

Now, I'm having my second cup of coffee and am ready for that second sleeve!!!!!!!!!!