Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Various updates

MS3 has a mistake! I have to rip back 3 rows. While I know it could have been much worse, this may move the stole back to the Time Out Bin For Bad Projects. It was SO close!

Dem fischer sin fru is still on clue one, but in my defense, it's a long clue one. Ah well, at least being this far behind I can see how the shawl is turning out and can be assured that I don't have another MS3 on my hands.

I started the poncho's second side and have 1/6th of the new side done.

The Pi Shawl is almost done!!!!! I COULD STAY ON SCHEDULE!!! Which really makes no sense--why am I working this hard to try to finish one project every month? Should hobbies really have deadlines? Obviously, this is what happens when Type A personalities knit.

I cast on another sock. Besides needing a portable project (5 rows at stoplights every day can really add up), I have a lone sock sitting on my desk and if I finish it's mate it can be put back in the Gift Bin rather than continuing to sit on my desk.

The February sewing project.....that's a different story. I did make Andy a denim shop apron, so I'm allowing an exchange. The problem with the project I picked for February is that it's a winter project--a shirt & a pair of pajamas out of flannel backed satin (and yes, technically that's two projects, but it's the same material). All office buildings are so cold, so the shirt would be wonderful to have right now, but it's been bright and sunny (though freezing) and I want to start on summer clothes! I'm ready for spring and cotton dresses and straw hats! No more black ice! wonder they put Valentine's Day in February. Such a cold, gloomy month needs a little livening up!