Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wow, Was THAT A Weekend!

After spending so much of the last 4 years in bed in pain, I am still amazed by how much stuff one can do in a pain-free day.  And by pain-free days in general. 

With my Mad dash yarn all ready and waiting for Sunday's knitting kickoff,
I decided to get in a project I've been wanting to try--a white rope bowl with variegated thread:
I used Sulky 30 wt. blend-able cotton thread, and found that it used almost the entire 500 yards AND created THE must fuzz I have ever seen.  Sulky is a great thread company, so it isn't a fault of the thread, but the sheer volume of thread used and using cotton instead of my usual polyester meant my next project was cleaning the machine thoroughly.  I'm pleased with the bowl, though having to change the bobbin frequently left some noticeable spots on the bowl, so I am going to add a button to cover up the biggest one.  Still, I had bought the thread specifically for this purpose and now I've done it.  YAY! And my machine probably needed cleaning anyway....

I have been being very good about spending time with WIPs, but with full days, I found that I needed a simple project to work on in the evenings, so I ended up taking the recently-discovered Highland wool/silk yarn out of my Mad-dash bin,
and making another keyhole scarf.   Have I mentioned that I love this pattern?  It took 2 days, so the yarn-I-didn't-know-I-still-had-and-had-to-add-to-my-stash is officially used up now.  That felt good. 

Saturday was lovely, but I was holding myself to only a one mile walk because we had decided to try hiking with friends on Sunday which would be a challenge for my hip, so 
I put more strips together for the newest red and white table runner experiment, and--you might want to sit down for this--worked on the green jacket:
I know!  If I hurry, I could get it done just under the one year mark.  Please don't be frightened by such dazzling crafting speed..........

Sunday I put one of my Mad Dash projects in the car, just in case I needed to turn back early or something,
and went hiking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We went much farther and much faster than I expected, but it was still okay.  I was completely worn out at the end, but everyone else was tired as well and I didn't hurt and hadn't held everyone up and just had a nice hike almost like everyone else.  The only difference was the rocky part at the front, and as my hip will always be able to be knocked out of place, I was extremely careful going over that stretch--especially coming back when my hip was worn out.  BUT I DID IT!!!!!!!!!  And I didn't hurt--which was great because I'd forgotten to bring any pain killers.  I had to be very careful that evening because my muscles were just too tired to be relied on in any way, so
I started my first Mad-Dash project!  3000 yards of knitting in 6 weeks.  I think I can do this!  (Of course, I still seem to think I can knit 20,000 yards of yarn a year, so we'll see..............)