Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Even!!!!

I think it will come as no great surprise to anyone who has ever visited this blog in the past that I can think up projects faster than I can complete them.  (Hello...146,160 yards of yarn in the stash as of this morning). Not that I don't complete projects--I do--but my "projects to make" list can get a bit daunting, and I keep inventing ways to keep myself slightly balanced.  Well, balanced for me.  The 3 1/2 years of Cold Sheeping has helped, and I have high hopes for this year's fabric ban.  Last year's 100 project challenge also helped, and hopefully this years 111 project challenge will also help carve down the number.  My biggest ace in the hole, however, might be my personal allowance.

When we got married, knowing that money was the number one source of marital fights, we set up personal accounts for each of us, and we each get a personal allowance every month.  This money we can spend without any input from the other.  We both have hobbies that we enjoy and have the ability to save up for big purchases, so it works pretty well.  For me, however, I invented a separate rule.  I make a lot of gifts, things for our home, our clothes, decorations, that sort of thing.  In order to curb my stockpiling tendencies, I made myself a rule:  If it's something that would come out of our personal account (gifts, decorations, costumes, house stuff), I pay for the material or yarn out of my personal account, then don't get reimbursed for it until I finish the darn thing.  Like the bedspread, or our Christmas stockings.  I have an incentive to not just work on it, but finish it.  This is huge, because if I hadn't wanted my money back that dang bedspread would STILL be sitting there waiting to be finished.

So, last year after I bought TWO sewing machines, my personal account was pretty anemic.  Then when I decided to go on a complete fabric ban, there was a "what will I need for the year" trip to the fabric store, which resulted in a bit more money than I anticipated.  Part of it can be blamed on the ability to pick up home decorating fabric that we had been looking for that was newly marked down to clearance, part on the fact that it is my turn to make the Christmas gifts this year, and part on sheer stupidity.  In fact, there was enough stupidity that I charged it on our joint credit card in order to get the mileage, and have been paying it back to our personal account ever since.  And, with the last brown chemo cap finished, I have finally finished enough projects to have paid back our joint account.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!