Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1

Today is a significant day.  Want to know why?

1.  It is the start of the mid-point of the year, which shows us that I am behind on my 111 projects goal, and probably impossibly behind on my 25,000 yards of yarn goal.  I might have to start considering being--and I shudder to say this--"realistic."

2.  It starts the "Dead Heat" stashdash on Ravelry, which will run until August 31, and I have compiled an impressively crazy optimistic basket of yarn to knit up in two months.

3.  In the crafting world, it is time to get serious about Christmas crafting, which in my world usually means that it's time to decide I should make 5 quilts and 3 sweaters between now and Christmas.  Stand by for insanity updates.

4.  It is Finishing Friday, so I am crafting to my little heart's content.  Which is knitting today, because it's easier to knit outside than it is to sew.  It's only 83 today, so I am enjoying nice weather while I can.  

5.  This marks a new era in Husqvarna dealings.  Last year at this time, Holland's Sew Shoppe was cheerfully breaking my machine as they tried to "fix" the original problem.  Currently, the Twin Falls Sewing Shop GODS are updating me regularly, have located the problem, but found a small hiccup when doing their testing process (you know, that one responsible dealers do after repairs), and are actually FIXING the problem before giving my machine back to me.  Jeeves should be fixed, tested, and ready next week.  Do you think the staff will understand if I hug them?  Seriously, I'm going to try very hard not to burst into tears of relief when I pick up Jeeves and this nightmare repair saga is over.  

6.  I now have all this yarn I can play with
and I can do something besides that pink sweater!!!!