Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Little Birthday Knitting

Yesterday was my birthday, and I decided to celebrate by casting on a new sweater for myself.  Being down to a svelte 15 WIPs, I felt I could splurge a bit.

I have been lusting after Alice Starmore patterns for years, and last year's reward yarn splurge included yarn for one of her sweaters, so I dug out my yarn and book and settled down to do a swatch
--not something I am normally smart enough to do, but when a pattern calls for size 2 needles, I thought it best to check.  And, as luck would have it, my 4-inch swatch was easily 4 and a half inches, so I need to go down a needle size, which means I would need a size ONE circular needle.  I don't own a size one circular needle, as I have always maintained that any knitting that would require a size one circular is behavior that should not be encouraged.  I almost made a trip to the store yesterday, but rational thinking (and the desire to stay in PJs just a bit longer) prevailed, and I decided to look for another option.

Starmore pattern 2:
No size 1 needles here!!!  Again, I found it best to swatch....and AGAIN I found I needed to go down a needle size, but this time I was in luck.  I have several size 4 circular needles.

.....and here they are:
This might discourage a lesser knitter--or convince a smarter knitter that perhaps she should finish some WIPs to get her needles back--but insaner minds prevailed, and I decided to work on the green vest long enough to get it switched to the bigger needles for the body (and worry about whether or not I needed those needles as well at some random date in the future).  So, there I was, happily knitting away, when I discovered the ribbing for the vest which is NOT for a really big man, could double as a jump rope:
Oops.  I'd like to say that I wisely thought, "Wow, I really must check gauge on all my knitting."  Of course, what I actually thought was "WHOO HOO!!!!!!  Free size 4 needle!"
So I cast on happily and started the pattern.  Not that I'm doubting Ms. Starmore in any way, but if the ribbing is [K1, p1, k1tbl, p1, k1tbl, p1], is there really a reason for that lone K1?  I can guarantee that about 2/3 of the first round is correct, but then I got a bit muddled and decided that no one would ever be able to tell the difference and just did the twisted rib the rest of the way.  Which is why I ended up spending my day making
 birthday socks!!!!!