Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Down!

One of my goals this year was to make 3 colorwork ornaments, and the third one is finally done:
so I have now completed another goal!!!!!!!!!!!  Which brings me up to TWO.  Out of eightAhem......

The big one, of course, is the 115 projects, and I'm falling behind a bit.  The fall jacket is getting close to being done,
in spite of my assistant:

with the sleeves ready for top-stitching and buttonholes before being attached:
I love how this fabric looks, but in all honesty the fabric is a little thinner than it should be for this jacket.  It didn't feel like it when I bought it, or even when I cut it out, but I've had to be very, very careful to not stretch the fabric while sewing it together.  Like so much women's clothing, it will be completely useless for anything practical, like staying warm, but I still love it.  This is my fourth jacket from this pattern (5th if you count the one I lost and had to replace), and aside from having to sew each seam three times, it is now one of my favorites.  Which is good, as I still have a yellow floral print to make into a jacket as well.  And possibly this:
Theo and I have been sorting fabrics, and the note on this said it was intended for a long-sleeved shirt for Andy.  It's a fine-wale corduroy, which would indeed have made a nice shirt for Andy had I bought enough fabric.  It's 45-inches wide and there's just over 2 yards of it.  I'll double-check my patterns just to be sure, but I had a hard enough time getting the turquoise flannel shirt made, and that was with almost 3/4 of a yard more fabric.  Unless I own a men's shirt pattern that has 2 piece sleeves, this isn't going to make it.  What it COULD make is another jacket for me.  And it's a nice, neutral color.  Good thing it's a useful jacket!  This has probably been in my stash for 8-9 years, so it's hard to say if I had a pattern in mind or if I found it on clearance and grabbed it without really knowing how much fabric things needed.  I suspect the latter.  I have to admit, though, I'm enjoying working through the Deep Stash of the fabric--besides making me feel good about the stash, it's fun to explore and I don't remember all of it.  I am hoping, however, that I started to understand yardage requirements fairly early, as it will take a long time to make THAT many jackets............