Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sewing Day #1

So, last night going to bed at 5:00 won out because I was really tired, but this morning I was up bright and early and
by 9:00 AM, Andy's pajama top was finished!  I'd almost forgotten what a finished object looked like, hadn't you?

Then I moved on to cutting out the problematic pajama bottoms, and after being really careful to cut them out right side up and to get the pieces correct,
I sewed them together wrong.  I don't know why, exactly, but I somehow just assumed that if I cut the music print pieces out with the pattern right-side up, they would end up on alternating legs. Why I assumed this is anyone's guess, but that wasn't the high point.  After ripping out both seams, I got the music prints put together correctly, but put the black ones together on the wrong side, ending up with two of the same legs.  So, after making a HUGE chalk "x" on the right sides of the black, I finally got them put together correctly, and
they are now awaiting the elastic in the waist, which I thought could wait until Andy got off work.  If these weren't pajamas, I might have been tempted to try cutting out another piece to get the harlequin effect, but I'm the only person who is ever likely to see Andy in these, and sometimes "close enough" is just fine.

By this point, my back needed some stretching, so
it was the perfect time to layout pajamas for me!  This used to be the part of sewing I really hated, but it makes a nice break from the sitting-and-sewing part, and gave me enough standing time to allow me to sit down and sew up the pajama bottoms--bringing me to 8.5 yards of fabric used so far today.  I was hoping to finish getting the front cut out tonight,
but I need to lay down and rest for a bit.  I'll go back to the gym tomorrow, so it really needed rest today so I didn't go for a walk or anything that would work it too much, and I'll just do a little stretching and the heating pad tonight.  And maybe, if I feel very ambitious, I'll finish cutting out the pajamas before going to bed.

And not to be left out,
I powered up Jeeves and made a gold poinsettia ornament today as well.  Not bad for one day, I think.........