Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm On Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad was released from the hospital Monday, so my mother's part-time residence with us has also ended.  Andy left this morning for a long-planned motorcycle trip, so I have the weekend to myself!!!!!!  I don't think I've ever needed a vacation more.  I flirted briefly with the idea of staying in flannel PJs all day, but that would make getting the mail slightly embarrassing, so I might save that for Sunday...

I have finished the first chemo cap with the new yarn:

have started a new brioche scarf as portable knitting,

and am taking advantage of my free weekend by firing up Jeeves and working on the embroidered napkins again.
 Since I'm counting each one as a "decoration," I just finished another 12, and more importantly, I only have 4 more napkins to do and a project will be done and I can quit moving a stack of ironed napkins around the sewing room.  I ironed all of them about 6 weeks ago, and will do close to ANYTHING to not have to iron more than I have to.  My ironing aversion is almost enough to make me understand the 1970s fascination with itchy polyester clothes.  Almost.................