Sunday, January 27, 2019

Socks and Quilting

It's not a sweater, but I do have a finished project for the year,
and considering how little knitting I've done in the last couple years, I had almost forgotten what it felt like to finish something.  I was so excited that
I immediately cast on another pair.  Yep, I swear that I'm going to make sweaters and I immediately go on a sock frenzy. 

At least I've been showing dedication to the quilt.  It's a gift for friends who just bought their first house together, and I might, in the future, rethink anything involving 120 little quilt squares,
and as I used some jellyroll strips for this quilt, there was a trip to a fabric store to find some accent fabrics for the border, and to give it a bit of accent, I decided to try a little accent technique I saw on a video once--taking a 1-inch strip of fabric folded in half and sewing it with the border so there's a small dimensional edge.  What I failed to pick up from the video was that it really needs to be done with mitered corners, which I didn't do. 
 I do love the way it looks, but MY way involved some ripping back and restitching and a fair bit of swearing.  I don't think they'll notice....
 Now I'm quilting it with one of the quilting stitches on the new machine,
using a variegated thread I've had in stash and was actually able to find.  I barely know what to do with myself!

I am not a scrappy-quilt sort of person, but seeing it all come together, this is easily one of my favorite quilts I've ever worked on.  Maybe I'm becoming a scrappier person........