Thursday, February 5, 2009

It Was a Therapy Day

I don't think Theo actually enjoys therapy days, but Calisto and I really enjoy them. While she's more of a gardening girl, she joined me in the sewing room today(I think the raspberry is from when I told her that I hadn't actually given Theo away and that he would be back tonight)
and this morning we did the satin stitchingand this afternoon we finished the pillows.I am actually not a big fan of Valentine's Day in general as it's sort of pointless if you are in a relationship and miserable if you're not, but we're going through yet another round of the nasties from the bitter ex wife, and there's something about dealing with her that makes us feel like celebrating our relationship. Andy refers to these moments as the "Thank God I'm Not Married To A Psycho" Episodes. So this year we have Valentine's Day decorations.Sadly, this only used up 2 1/2 yards from the fabric stash, but I have promised Andy some pajamas for Valentine's Day, and that could use up a whole 5 yards!

Only if I don't lose the top, though......:)