Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Andy is away on business today, so I took a crafting day, and
there are FOUR finished fall table runners!  These were started a while ago, but I got tired of trying to get the leaves to stop puckering the fabric because nothing seems to work, so today I found a "redwork" design of leaves to try instead.  I'm not sure I like the look as well, but they definitely work better.   The final one I embroidered with orange metallic thread, which doesn't show up well in pictures, but looks nice in person.   And there are FOUR of them!!!!  Yay!

Last night I finished up another ornament,
and have another one in progress: 
ornaments being small, sometimes-quick-to-finish projects which are my favorites until I get to that 115 number.  AND, while I forgot to get a picture of it, I have finished the lacy bowknot scarf, so I am up to 111 finished projects for the year!!!!!!  And could even get to 112 by the end of the night.  Maybe I'm going to get there after all.........