Sunday, April 20, 2008

Outsiders believe hobbies to be soothing


Today has been a day of quilting, knitting, and swearing--not exactly in that order.

Between actively battling Theo for control of the quilt (11 days and counting until B-day), struggling to machine quilt without sewing unintentional "pookies" (the technical term my family uses for unintentional pleats in sewing) onto the back of the quilt, ripping out the quilting seams that did involve "pookies," trying to figure out how my sewing machine's "walking foot" might actually work because Husqvarna does not believe in printed instructions, and trying to remember that this whole experience is to create something that one of my best friends will absolutely love, it's been a busy day. I found that it helped to bribe myself with some knitting:and

The big draw for each being I can now say I have used 44 balls, 6085 yards, or almost 3.5 MILES of yarn so far in 2008 without buying so much as one scrap of yarn. After getting my "arse" kicked by a quilt all day, I can use a little positive thinking.

To bring a little calmness to my quilting experience--and to stop scaring Andy--I tried to picture Amish women, seated in a circle, meticulously quilting with nary a foul word passing their lips--or even entering their minds--for inspiration, but after an hour of quilting, my inner self gets a bit cranky and refuses to emulate anyone who actively chooses to forgo indoor plumbing. Maybe I should try a sedative???