Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh No....

So, I've almost made it 4 months without buying any yarn, and yet because I am either stupid or a masochist, I check Elann's website daily for what yarns are new, and what's coming in....all so I can know what great discount yarns I'm missing out on. I guess maybe it was just too easy to not buy yarn without facing temptation daily, I don't know, but today it just got a lot worse.

Self-patterning sock yarn is coming.

One of the things that got me hooked on knitting socks in the first place were the clever yarns that made fair isle & all sorts of patterns all by themselves. Stripes are okay, and I've had some fun with randomly variegated sock yarn, but I love the self-patterning yarns and hadn't seen them around in a while. In fact, there may have been a little hoarding of the self-patterning yarns still in my stash "just in case," though that's pure speculation. What is not to love?(I'd show you more, but while I might fiercely hoard the yarn, I give away the finished socks pretty freely..and in fact, the first picture is perhaps the only pair I've kept)


Exactly why did I think not buying yarn for a year was a good idea........?