Monday, June 9, 2008

It Has Come To This

This freak of never-ending-mohair-edging has driven me to lengths no other project has ever done.

Yesterday, I cleaned the sewing room.

Not clean enough that I'm willing to post pictures of it or anything--let's not get crazy here--but it is cleaner than it has been since the Christmas Gift Blizzard of '07. Bare table has even been glimpsed.

Then, in a moment of true weakness, I slipped.....

In the corner, looking lost and a little shy, was a lovely worsted weight cotton

And I know--I have this great thing going with the mohair, but look at this:

82 yards to the skein and size 8 needles. SIZE 8s! With those I could knock 3-4 balls out of the stash each week!

I'm not proud, but....

before I knew what had happened, I had 7 rows of Sitcom Chic on the needles.

I was WEAK--beaten down by those unending rows of edging--1368 rows!!!! Can you blame me?