Monday, May 12, 2014

Crafting Monday

It's been a really busy week, so there has been little time for crafting and even less time for blogging, but I am taking today off and Theo and I are embroidering napkins:
 though in all honesty, things go faster the less "help" I receive.  Still,
we progress.  I had previously embroidered blue roses on a stack of purchased white napkins for us to use, but they wrinkle like crazy and a few now have stains.  These are not great napkins, but they are 100% polyester, will stand up to washing, and the designs make these reversible.  And, they're a finished project.  Nope, not getting at all desperate......

The pajamas did get finished,
and I think I'm just a wee bit tired of flannel right now.  I have a few more embroidery projects in mind for the day,

though my optimism while loading the embroidery card might be a bit excessive for one day of crafting.  Especially since,

I found some poplin in the stash that will make a great gardening dress (the floral view).  I have this dress in two different cotton prints, but the poplin is just a bit sturdier and will hold up a bit better.  Because it's loose and has pockets, it's just the perfect summer gardening ensemble.  Or would be if I could figure out a way to get the dirt out of the pockets before washing it.  We've added sand into our soil to balance the heavy clay soil of the area, and grains of sand hold up remarkably well to the washer and dryer. 

Admittedly, I had forgotten about this fabric's existence, which is one of the problems of having a large stash, though I did know I had the sort of poplin I wanted in some color.  And the cool thing about having a large stash is that I really LIKE this fabric, so it was a fun surprise.  It's left over from this:
 which is the crafting jacket I keep in the sewing room.  I don't know why the picture is this large, but the jacket is a wee bit bigger than anticipated as well, so perhaps it's a theme.  One really needs pockets when crafting--which my clothes rarely have--so I wear this a lot.  It must just be the perfect pocket fabric, and BONUS!  It's pretty deep stash.  The flannel was all fabric I bought in November, so while it was wonderful to not have to figure out where to put it, this is using up the fabric stash!!!!!  Now WHY does that make me want to run out and get more..................................?