Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little Hitch In the Plan......

I learned a LOT yesterday.  Some of it quite by accident--probably most--but all rather helpful:

*  Used sewing machines, while being everywhere when one doesn't want them, are nowhere to be found when one does

*  Even a shop that built up a long reputation on being able to service old sewing machines can be sold, and the new owners might decide to sell new machines only, even though presumably they paid for a reputation regarding repairs that they are quickly losing

*  Ebay really does have everything

*  Browsing Ebay is a great way to lose 2-3 hours of one's life

*  After a couple hours of browsing on Ebay, I have an insane urge to learn to make Fedora hats.  

*  Bidding on used sewing machines is rather exciting, though the idea that I could win an auction, pay for it, and have a machine shipped to me possibly before I get my own sewing machine back is pretty amazing.   We'll see.

*  Even though I'm bidding on an item that won't end for 4 more days, I still keep checking it.  Maybe it's the excitement of having a definite end in sight of the "no-sewing-machine" saga...........

*  Not being able to sew is prompting me to learn about sewing.   I could almost view this as a good thing if Jeeves's second trip to the dealer wasn't about to hit the 6-week mark.

*  Butterick still makes a "basic" pattern that one uses for tailoring/editing/whatever.  Or one can still find it in the very bottom bin in a pattern cabinet, along with all the other patterns no one wants anymore.  Not that I know what to DO with this pattern yet, but a sewing book I'm reading says I need one, and for $0.97, I'm willing to believe them.

*  New Berninas cost WAAAAAAAAAAAY more than new Husqvarnas

*  New Berninas only have a two year circuit board warranty--Husqvarna has a 5 year warranty.  So, I might not have been better off with a Bernina....just out more money.

*  An afternoon of knitting doesn't necessarily make up for a morning of not being able to find a sewing machine.

*  Not everyone makes a batch of pickles before going shopping.  Go figure.

*  A woman who took a tailoring class in college said her professor had them use gingham (small checked pattern) to work with so they could easily tell if their lines were straight.  THAT's a good idea.  Generally I won't sew with stripes because I know my lines aren't going to be straight.

*  Some part of me seems to be a bit superstitious and I really thought the dealer might call to tell me Jeeves was ready once I had committed to buying another machine.  That part of me gets disappointed a lot--like yesterday.

*  Playing with new VERY EXPENSIVE sewing machines is fun, but I sew enough now that I'd be willing to thread my own needle (which I do anyway), and while the "bells and whistles" features are fun, I'd be a lot more willing to part with my money if they sunk the same amount of money into developing parts that worked for longer than a few years, or machines that could still operate if the circuit boards fried. 

*  There is a $12,000 sewing machine in the world.  I didn't get to play with that one, though.  Perhaps they saw me drive up in my 16-year-old car and decided I could either A) not afford it, or B) was too cheap to part with that much money, or C) all of the above.  However, if anyone ELSE has that kind of money to spend on a sewing machine, I would be more than happy to come over and play with you and your lovely toys for an afternoon.............:)