Friday, January 4, 2013

This Could Get Interesting

Yesterday I finished another mitten ornament,
and the first of the 55 ball ornaments:
I still need to sew up the bottom, but I wanted to make sure I had enough, but not too much, stuffing in it first.  I'm really pleased with it--though I'm not sure colorwork will ever be my favorite sort of knitting.  Still, I love the ornament.

And speaking of ornaments I love,

I finally got pictures of the three finished lace icicles, and I adore them.  The design pack came with 6 different designs, and they're all just wonderful.  They're thread-hogs, but they're wonderful.  I would be spending every day making more, except that I'm trying really hard to buy nothing craft-wise, and didn't want to run out of white embroidery thread just yet, because:
Next on the list was the three-dimensional lace snowman, and I really can't picture a better color for a snowman than white.  I've finished all three pieces, but they aren't ready to be soaked yet as I find it easier to have a big piece of stabilizer, make all the ornaments, then soak everything at the same time.  But that brings me to 9 ornaments so far.  Maybe this could happen after all....

While Jeeves is doing all the work, I have been "tidying" the sewing room, and managed to empty another box, where I found:
This does explain why I couldn't find any of my white sewing thread.  I'm not exactly sure how I ended up with 3 1000-meter spools of white sewing thread all at once, but at least that's ONE think I know I won't run out of this year.............