Friday, August 17, 2012

Finishing Friday

To make up with an inexcusable flirtation with the new lace shawl,

I made another wine towel--which looks like the last 4 so I didn't take a picture--which brings me up to eight of twelve towels finished.  Then, while I made the 12th washcloth,
I set up Jeeves to pump out 4 new stand-alone lace ornaments,
which adds to a "12" I've already completed, but will look nice on our tree anyway.  Two years ago we bought a huge 9-foot tall tree to go in our entryway, and while it's a lovely tree, dividing our ornaments between 2 trees requires some creativity--especially since I refuse to buy packs of ornaments.  For years I've brought ornaments home as souvenirs from travel, and Andy and I have continued the practice.  I also have a wonderful collection of ornaments from a girl's ornament exchange party that has gone on for simply ages with my book club friends, and we also have a great collection of ornaments people have generously made for us, so there's a pretty high standard for ornaments here at the Chateau.  (Aside from the collection of plastic dollar-store bows we purchased in desperation when we figured out how bare that big tree was going to look, but they're just temporary).  I think I gave away all the mitten ornaments I made last year, so you can understand the reason--though perhaps not the sanity--of my goal for next year of making 365 ornaments.  It's hard not to want to get started, even though these won't actually count, but it is exciting to know that I'll have a few new ornaments for THIS year.  I expect a totally spectacular tree next year--though knowing me, I'll manage to give away all but the really crappy "mistake" ornaments from next year's endeavors.  Those are the only embroidered kitchen towels we ever get, and for quite a while the only wooden pens we had from Andy's new lathe were the "rejects."  I suppose it does relieve the pressure of having to be perfect--I mean, if everything turned out really well, we'd have never kept anything and I'd still be writing with BIC pens and decorating my trees with dollar-store finds.  Thank heavens for errors!