Saturday, January 28, 2012

Three Days Left In the First Month....

....and I might be a little bit behind.

Theoretically, if I want to finish 12 sweaters/shawls in 12 months I would be really close to finishing something right now.  On Friday Theo helped me with the fronts of the mohair sweater and we did make great progress,
but that still leaves those pesky sleeve things to be done.   And I don't know about Theo, but I need breaks from working with mohair.   So, I've been working on one of the shawl WIPS, and I am on the final part of one side of the cream shawl,
but then there will still be a second side to finish, which even strikes ME as a lot of knitting to do in 3 days.  Especially when
there is a balaclava getting some knitting action.  I went for my first walk outside yesterday, and since I have firm instructions from the therapist to walk slowly and gently, this also means I'm walking WAY too slow to get the circulation moving enough to not freeze while walking.  I'm thinking the balaclava will do a much better job keeping my face warm if I knit the thing rather than just talking about it.

I'm pretty clever about these things sometimes.............