Saturday, June 18, 2011

So, Let's Chalk Another One Up On The List of "Things I Should Not Do"

I have finished the front of the pink sweater, and have cast on for the sleeves--which means I'm showing some dedication to a single project.  Obviously, this is not normal for me, and perhaps it may be said that when I get bored I am at my most dangerous for coming up with purely idiotic ideas.  Of course, coming a close second could be when someone lays down a challenge--that does account for both the current 111-project mania and the Double Dog Dare WIP mania from a couple years ago.  I'm not sure who should take the blame for the Ravelympic madness, though someone besides myself would be preferable.  So, with this past history of maniacal behavior, and my recent spate of project monogamy, something was bound to snap. 

So there I was, probably barely clinging to reality--and there might have been a glass of wine involved--and Andy and I were on the patio having dinner, and Andy asked how the progress on the sweater went during Finishing Friday, and asked who the sweater was for.  It's for me--largely because there are very few people I would make sweaters for, and I had just finished his sweater the day before and wasn't likely to give him one in hot pink.  It turns out that while I will make gifts for almost everyone I know, I consider very few people sweater-worthy.  Growing up (and presumably being a slow-learner) I actually made TWO sweaters for my father, and at least the second one was really well done.  He has never ever EVER worn either one.  Ever.  Which I suppose trumps my sister, because the last sweater I made for her (or WILL ever make for her), she not only didn't thank me for it, but when I called to find out if it had been lost in the mail, she told me she hadn't liked it.  If she wasn't in the "mandatory family gifts" realm, she would have been bounced from the gift list altogether for that one.  This launched Andy and I into a discussion about those who are "sweater worthy" in our lives (and who don't live in warm climates like Andy's parents).  Our friends whom I made the primary colors placemats and napkins are truly some of the best people we've ever known, and they are always doing kind things for us, and just a joy to know.  We agreed that THEY were sweater worthy, but that it might take me two full years to get sweaters done for them for Christmas--which isn't a bad thing necessarily, but we were actually trying to think of something for more immediate gift-giving.  Then I thought about vests--which they would both love.  But, like an idiot, when I went to my Ravelry library to find patterns, I landed on
which I think they will LOVE, but are both pretty complicated knits, and ones that even I am not going to attempt to be finished by this Christmas.  In fact, I'll be jumping on them immediately to get them finished by next Christmas. 

Our friends are Irish, so I wanted to make both sweaters in green of some sort, and luckily the stash contains almost enough (or enough with a slight pattern alteration) for the man's sweater, but that was really the only large chunk of green yarn in my stash (aside from lace and she doesn't strike me as a lace-sort of person).  So, there are now 6 balls of green fingering yarn on their way to our house from  I thought about waiting until the end of the year for my "window" of buying, but I decided I might postpone the "window" this year anyway, and judging by the 4 pages of charts in the book,
I might need all 18 months ahead of me.  So, I have made an exception to the Cold Sheeping for the year, and in order to make myself feel huge amounts of guilt over doing so, I went looking for the missing Fun Fur. 

You might remember that I have said that I thought almost everything in my stash has been accounted for on Ravelry, but not the Fun Fur that I knew was still lurking somewhere.  Well, it has been found and de-lurked:
Thankfully, it all fits in one shoe box, and I have some young nieces who are just the right age to appreciate scarves that look like they've been made from Muppet pelts.   They're small enough that I think I can make them scarves from just one skein of this stuff, or maybe one and a half, which means I could use up this:
three skeins of Fun Fur in "confetti" and all three are slightly different colors.  Or I make make them hats and just trim them with this stuff.   Or I'll make them into boas for when they play dress-up.  I might make this one:
into an adult-sized boa for our costume bin.  We were discussing hosting another murder mystery party.......which involves a lot of work, lots of planning, sewing new costumes, and sounds just about crazy enough for me to commit to while in a project-monogamy-stupor.

Someone stop me!