Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When I Am An Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple

This purple in fact--It might take me that long. See those swoopy-parts? The bottom of the shawl actually has 10 of them. I have knit 3. I have all this:
still left to knit. And this:
is how much of the original yarn I have left to use, which is about 100 yards.

I guess as long as I broke my one-year ban on buying yarn, I'm glad I just proved it was totally & completely necessary, but what if I hadn't been able to find more of the yarn???? Victorian Lace Today is so far off on yardage requirements that it is SCARY. I bought 3 more balls--681 EXTRA yards--and I might use up most of them!!!! That's a pretty big variance, even in lace knitting.

And on a related note, 46,000 yards of lace yarn might indeed be a bit.....well...insane, really, but I just used up another 227 yards--which of course makes a HUGE difference..... At this rate I could actually RUN OUT of laceweight--probably in 2015????

I shudder at the very thought......