Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Already?

Whew!  September was fun, busy, and FAST.  And oddly enough, included 20 finished projects!  I think the big change is that now--after 3 years--I can finally sit long enough to actually sew something.  And maybe a wee bit of desperation might be thrown in there as well.  At any rate, I even remembered to do my month-end tally:

Yards of fabric used: 9.867
Yards of yarn used (or given away):  3458
skeins of yarn used (or given away): 16
Projects finished:  20

Okay, giving away yarn helped a bit on that one, but oddly, so did buying yarn.  I have been cold sheeping for so long that I think it finally became a little de-motivating.  I didn't want to use up my yarn because I wasn't going to buy more.  Now I'm knitting like crazy, because while I'm trying not to buy yarn, I could.  So maybe a little vacation from my sheep wouldn't hurt.............