Friday, November 21, 2008

Groveling With Theo

It seems cats can hold grudges. Yesterday morning while I was unpacking, Theo watched but kept his distance--which is never his style. This is the "interested but aloof" pose--
complete with "alien eye syndrome." Did you know that "red eye" features can't fix green glowing eyes?

After a couple hours of sulking, I got desperate and broke out the fleece, which made things a bit better.
Today I promised Theo that there would be lots of sewing on Saturday and all seems to be forgiven--
And I'm not sure if you can tell from these pictures, but Theo got his winter coat while we were gone and is about twice as poofy as he was before we left. Maybe it was in reaction to our week without heat?

The dem fischer sin fru shawl got a little more action today, but it basically still looks the same. It's a faroese-shaped shawl, so it starts at the top and gets wider as it goes along, so at clue 3 the rows are slowing down and we're entering that not-for-the-faint-of-heart period. I am trying not to think about all those purl rows when I make it down to clue number 7. This is my second--and probably last--knit along, at least for a while. I like this pattern--being so far behind that I've seen dozens of finished shawls--but I would never have picked this pattern out of a book to make and since lace takes so darn long to knit, why wouldn't I pick out something I TRULY want to make? Good question--and one you'd think I might have figured out after the MS3 fiasco. That being said, I really do like the shawl from MS4 this year, but there was grafting involved, and I get really, really whiny about grafting lace, so I'm glad I sat this one out. Honestly, knitting holds enough surprises even when the full pattern is right in front of me--fun games like "where did the other needle go," "how many times will I frog and reknit before I check for errata," "how far can glass beads really fly," and "how much yarn can I stuff into a closet before it becomes a health hazard," and even when it isn't, I can spice it up by mislaying my pattern, which is why no one has seen the alpaca cardigan for a while........