Saturday, April 5, 2008

WIP Month - Day 5

I would love to say that I buckled down today and finished some component of that pile of unfinished projects, but though I finished the seams and am blocking the Cheap Thrills sweater

I decided to do some decorative stitching on a set of towels--or, rather, one towel as even with a sewing machine decorative stitching takes an insanely long time to do, especially where are bands at each end of the hand towels. I'm up to 2 washcloths and 1 hand towel and will not be discussing the amount of my life trim on three pieces of terry cloth represents.

The towels are actually almost a navy blue, and the trim is done in an ice-blue rayon thread. I know, no stash depletion, but they do look pretty sharp if I do say so myself.

Faced with the mound of Works In Progress, I have been working on the largest project first,

a blanket made from Lion's Thick & Quick Chenille. I love the blankets, but like all chenille, it sheds everywhere and will probably wear out quickly. It's most redeeming quality is that 6 skeins of 100 yards each will make a decent lap blanket, and with size 10 needles, it goes pretty quickly. I've used 4.5 skeins so far, so I could be down one WIP in a matter of days (hours if I were willing to lock myself into a room with it, but I am just not that fond of chenille). Then the WIP pile will still be looking pathetic, but less pathetic.

Hm, it turns out that size really DOES matter.....