Friday, July 18, 2008


Did you see that????? I have passed the 10,000 yards of yarn mark for the year! There are now 66 (there were those 3 balls of mohair to finish the Lady's Circular Cape, after all) fewer balls of yarn in my stash than when I started the year. YIPPEE!!!!!!

But on to other things...

The Stealth Project is now in the hands of its new owner, and to directly quote from the text messages received:

"It fits perfect, I love the color, and I love the style!!"
"It's my favorite piece of clothing."
"Ha ha! It's so beautiful, I already had someone comment on it!"

Now THAT is what makes knitted gifts worth doing!

The "finishitis" contest--The rules:
1. Post a list of your WIPs in the comments. Remember, they must already be started.
2. Keep us posted on your progress
3. Any and all projects will count, but size and complexity of the project will be considered.
4. The winner will be the one who finishes the most projects in a row without casting on anything new.
5. Anyone casting on a new project will be disqualified, but should post pictures somewhere to allow for sufficient drooling opportunities.
6. I reserve full right to award additional prizes for "valiant efforts."
7. There is no time limit--if we're all still finishing WIPs in 3 months without having cast on anything new, well I might get that darn dem fischer sin fru done finally.....
8. I am not a competitor, but I hope that this will finally shame/motivate me into finishing these:
And that is after I've already finished 3 projects in a row! Heavens!

Tonight I was zipping along on my current WIP--Cheryl Oberle's Fir Cone Shawl--when I stopped to consult the pattern for once.

2200 yards of yarn.

Now this shawl was started sometime last year, so it's hard to remember what frame of mind I was in. In my yarn arsenal, I had this:
2200 yards of Knitpicks Bare merino fingering. I also had 1320 yards of this:

Knitpicks Bare Peruvian Wool in fingering. Guess which one I used???

Yep--exactly. So, I am 880 yards short of finishing this:
and because we're still in the middle of our 90 day spending ban, I can't purchase more yarn for 29 days (I have 8 extra days because of that darn mohair). Rats. I did finish the ball of yarn I was working on--mostly because it would push me over the 10,000 yard mark (YAY), but it has now been returned to the WIP pile.

While sorting through the WIP file, I encountered this
which is an aran baby sweater for a friend's baby that hasn't actually even been conceived yet, so it's unlikely to get moved to the front of the queue, but did you see that itty bitty ball of yarn there? That's right--I took an easy one. 8-10 rows, and I'm at 69 balls of yarn for the year. When it comes to that tally, I have no scruples at all.

The next WIP (besides Hibiscus for Hope, which is hopefully in the final pattern version & which I forgot to take a picture of) to get attention is going to be Sitcom Chic:
I have changed it to have full length sleeves--the theory being I can always push sleeves up but it's hard to pull them down without permanent sweater damage, and the second sleeve is almost ready for the joining. Of course my real motivation is that the skeins are each 82 yards and I get to add them to the tally faster, but I will get a finished project out of the deal. Could it really be number 4 in a row???????