Sunday, December 22, 2013

Random Sunday

* The good news is, cold no longer makes my back muscles seize up.  The bad news is, snowing--especially the changing pressure building up to snowing--makes my back muscles ache.  Right now it's more accurate than the Accuweather weather predictions, but I'm hoping this new superpower of mine is just temporary.

*  If one's back has woken one up in the middle of the night to tell one that it is snowing (or going to snow), one might as well have some fun with it later.
* Just because one's cat has a long shaggy coat and hair between the toes to help cope with snow,
it doesn't mean one's cat is going to have anything to do with snow or building snowmen.

*  In true Jo-Ann's customer service tradition, my order did finally ship more than two weeks later, minus 14 items, including
gray, black, tan, and pink paints, which were the big reason for the order in the first place.  Luckily, I found most of the replacements at Fred Meyer, except gray, which Andy picked up for me today. 

*  The brilliant idea I had of trying bias tape to finish the patchwork ornaments might have actually been brilliant--had I ordered from someone more reputable than Jo-Ann Fabrics.

* I thought yellow thread would look good with a red, white, and blue bowl,
but I hated the result.  Luckily,
having a box of cheap thread means one can simply keep adding colors until one DOES like the result.  Or one's spouse does.

*  Now that I've seen how they look on the tree,
I love lace ornaments even more than I did BEFORE decorating

*  Between finishing gifts, wrapping, and preparing for packaging all happening in the sewing room, I am actually looking forward to cleaning the sewing room after Christmas.  I must check to see if I am running a fever..........