Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1!

As it turns out, even those who have been having a bad back week CAN jump out of bed in the morning with the proper motivation.  This turns out to be the noises of a cat scuffling with a "gift" it just caught for you.  And being the first day off a year-long spending ban didn't hurt either.........

Luckily, Theo's gift was dead so I didn't have to practice my mousing this morning, and once I had coffee going I could tear into this:
I had no idea how excited one could be about thread!  By 6:01 I had taken care of my "gift," poured coffee, and purchased my new lace ornaments, gotten them downloaded and saved,
 then transferred to my embroidery card.  The last two are actually not new designs--they're from the ornament collection Andy gave me for Christmas last year, but I haven't made them yet because of the shortage of white thread.  So, they're "like new."  I'm rather proud of myself, as there was moment when I looked through the other designs in my "wish list" and considered adding one of those to the cart as well, but this was the only set I have remembered all year long, so it's the only one that I felt I really wanted to HAVE, not just wanted to BUY.  There is such a difference........

Jeeves has been going all morning, and here you see the first 4 new designs across the top,
 and I think this poinsettia might be a new contender for "favorite ornament,"
probably depending on if people know that it's a poinsettia or not.  Though the one Jeeves is making now,
is a contender as well.  I was rather amazed to find that I had a big enough spool of brown thread in my existing stash to make these.  In general, I tend to not be a huge fan of "earth tones," which I think comes from growing up in the 1970s when people insisted that everything in every kitchen should either come in dark brown, avocado,  gold, or rust--all of which would make my personal "ugliest colors in the world" list.  But this is a lovely shade of brown, which probably explains it.  I could see all 8 reindeer happening--or as many as one gets out of 850 yards of thread.  When this little guy is done, I will be one ornament ahead of schedule!  Which is nice, as my back has already been taken for a walk this morning and could soon use some rest. 

The only other thing I dug out of the Joanns box was this:
so my little cats can get hangers and be completely finished.  I haven't really had anything new in a year aside from Christmas and my birthday, so I am savoring this.  One can even savor baby rick rack if one has been on a long enough buying ban.  I'm thinking one new thing a day for my vacation?

And, of course,
we mustn't forget existing things.  I traced several new ornaments onto some scrap fabric and will be putting them together this weekend. I love how these use up existing scraps of fabric and are totally adorable to boot.  Between these and the new embroidery designs, I think I'll get well into those last 60+ ornaments I need to hit my goal for the year.  Whoo hoo!