Saturday, June 28, 2008

Progress and Not-So-Much Progress

Through tenacity, dedication, and bribery, I have finished 9 1/2 swoopies:
2 1/2 swoopies left. This was on my list as the knitting project to finish for June, but that would be a lot of swoopies in 2 days. I'm just not sure even a box full of merino would be sufficient bribery for that sort of torture....

Hibiscus for Hope progressed all the way to the short-row heel, which looks fabulous until
Unstretched, it's about an inch too long for my insanely-pale foot.

Some frogging will be occurring this evening. Luckily, it's so far off that I think I can eliminate an entire pattern repeat, which would mean the least amount of frogging and pattern editing. Or I can find a woman with feet 2 inches longer than mine.....