Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's official.  I am OBSESSED.
I have now done 9 pattern repeats on the edging, so if we ignore the whole grafting-yet-to-come part, I am 28% of the way through the edging.  Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!

I admit, I have become obsessed about seeing how this turns out.  I'm now far enough along that I can sort of stretch it out a bit over the ironing board,
but the part I'm most curious to see is this
I tried blending two designs over the last increase section, and I am hoping they'll blend fairly smoothly when blocked.  Pi shawls do take some severe blocking because of the way the increases work, so this may or may not work well when stretched, but I will find out soon!

And tomorrow is Finishing Friday, and STILL no word from Jeeves, and unfortunately I just saw someone on the Husqvarna Facebook "fan" page post that she had been told a MINIMUM of 6 weeks to get a part for her machine as well, and hers is brand new and still in production. looks like it isn't just because my machine was discontinued, this may just be standard operating procedure for Husqvarna.  THEN I got an email from Husqvarna advertising their newest machine that is coming out and wouldn't I like to come in and take it for a test drive.  Oh my.  Normally, I think I'm a nice person and I try very hard to write to companies when I've experienced good service more often than bad service, but I have finally written to complain to Husqvarna.  I might not be quite as furious if they weren't trying to sell me new machines every darn week, or if Jeeves hadn't worked better before I took him in for repair, or if the repair guy hadn't not checked his work, OR if Jeeves hadn't initially come back minus a part in the first place, OR if they had called to tell me the part was on back-order, but they've just missed every opportunity to provide even the simplest customer service.  Last week when I said I just hoped to get Jeeves back by the end of the month I was actually sort of joking, but it's now mid August and it's beginning to look like it might not happen.  I think that's really unacceptable. 

SO, tomorrow I am going to a store that carries older, purely mechanical sewing machines to see if I can find an older machine that can at least sew in a straight line, and maybe zig-zag if I'm feeling really wild.  You can bet I won't be considering another Husqvarna......