Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In A Desperate Grab For Yardage.....

Ok, as anyone who is remotely good with numbers can tell you:

1. In order to reach my goals for the year, I need to knit 2,083 yards of yarn and sew 12.5 yards of fabric each month
2. I am not even CLOSE to that right now.

So....did I work on the quilt today? Nope. Not one stitch. Instead, anyone remember this:In July of 2008 I cut out a dress and a skirt from this wonderful cotton fabric. I finished the skirt sometime after the weather made it totally impractical (I'm thinking November, but that's just a guess). Today I decided to finish the dress.

It's from McCalls 4444:
and I'm making the green option. Now the problem with setting aside a sewing project is that one doesn't really "set it aside." One just doesn't get back to it. If one did "set it aside," one might be able to find the dang second page of instructions....

Out of sheer frustration, I did get much of it figured out--and was quite pleased with myself to figure out that the lined bodice has to be attached to the 3 front skirt pieces before one can attach the back skirt because they line up a bit differently, but I got a little frustrated trying to figure out the strap things. They hook around the neck--which I'm going to assume is where the hook & eye come into the picture--but there are also straps coming up from the back, and I think there are going to have to be some trial runs with pins. I thought that would be best approached on another day, so I went back to the pink blanket,
I might be able to finish up this skein of yarn by Saturday, which is keeping me sort of monogamous. Bored, but monogamous. They're big skeins--471 yards--so that would give me a big boost for the month. (This might sound a bit, oh...crazy.....obsessive....odd, but it does help keep me from buying yarn or fabric, and on the SECOND Year of the Stash, I can use all the help I can get....).

They tried to send pictures home with us of Theo doing his water therapy, but they didn't transfer. I'm hoping they can email them to me. He's no longer willing to walk on the underwater treadmill, but he'll walk around in the tank, so it's still working his leg. In a remarkable show of independence, Theo was down the hall from me today
though he did pitch in to help with dishes tonight.
His leg is getting better every day. Today he was able to spread his toes apart to clean them, which was a first. Today marked the third week since the cast came off, and while he still limps a little, he also runs, pounces, and would be fine if he never got much better than he is now. We're almost positive now that he was hit by a car as they terrify him now--today's walk lasted about 3 minutes before a passing car left him scurrying for the door. Can't say that I blame him--many of the drivers around here scare the daylights out of me, and I'm 10 times his size!