Saturday, January 3, 2009

Year of the Stash Part One - How Did I Do?

For 10 months, I sewed only from stash--which meant sewing a lot less even though the fabric stash is frightening--and knitted only from stash all year--which meant knitting more. Odd how that one worked out. I bought 7 balls of yarn to finish projects, so I had a net stash reduction of 111 balls. That would be even more impressive if I hadn't purchased 75 balls last December in preparation for the Year of the Stash. Still, that is still a net decrease of 36 balls and ALL progress in that direction is good.

I seriously suspect that I have about a 10-year supply of yarn in my stash, so doing a second year of knitting from only stash (now that my window of purchasing is over and once I order that darn licorice yarn when it's in stock again) might finally make a visible dent in the stash. Could I eliminate one of the rubber tubs? Maybe two??????

It's January--hope springs eternal!!! Especially where merino is concerned......