Friday, October 3, 2014

Projects, Projects, Projects

Nothing like a looming deadline to make a crafter totally irrational.

This week I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend who just turned 60.  As she loves leaves, I thought this would be the perfect time to make the leaf table runner pattern that I bought in Canada:
because everything looks simple when you're an irrational person.  By the morning of the party,
I wasn't even close.  So, I scrounged out the last pre-made canvas bag in my stash and embroidered a bag with her name and a really nice tree on it, cutting it SO close to the deadline that I didn't even get a picture of it before dashing off to the party.  Good to see those old college study habits have stuck with me so long.

Last weekend I did get a Santa bag done,
which I'm pleased with.  I'll send it off early so Kellan's parents can use it for the Santa gifts.  So sometimes I'm on top of things.

I had run to the fabric store to pick up more fall fabric for the table runner a couple weeks ago, and grabbed some pretty brown yarn--largely because I could, but also because my stash of "gifts for men" was a bit thin, 

and didn't even get a picture of the yarn before I'd finished the scarf.  That was fast.  Did I mention how exciting New Yarn is at this point?

Buying new yarn DID, oddly enough, motivate me to reexamine my stash for other yarn I'd bought for gifts,
so there is a new scarf on the needles using yarn from 2011.  I've been scrambling to make a lot of last-minute gifts, so I'm trying to get a bit farther ahead before Christmas.  Theoretically, Andy is making the gifts this year, but this never really works out as we plan.  Even on off years, Andy will end up making a quick pen or I'll make someone socks.  We're disorganized flexible on these things.......