Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Last Day of February

Some people are "process" knitters--they knit for the love of knitting and care very little about whether or not anything actually gets finished. Others are "product" knitters--they're in it for the sweater. I am a much lesser-known breed of knitter. I'm an "obsessed-with-the-little-tally-on-the-right-of-her-blog" sort of knitter. So, in a shameless push to have a big yardage total for February, there was no post yesterday while I worked onThe ribbing looks a bit long right now, but this is about the length of ribbing I normally use for a sweater, so I'm sure it will be fine. I used the same K1, P2 ribbing that I used for the bottom of the sweater. It's nice--the extra purl stitch really makes the knit rib stand out. And that one last skein brings me to 3498 yards for the year so far. Still less than where I would like to be, but not bad.

Also in a desperate grab for yardage--and to at least get Andy's Valentine's PJs done during the same MONTH as Valentine's Day....Bottoms AND tops this time. And another 5 1/2 yards of fabric used up for the year. I'm pleased, but I don't thing the cats are that impressed...
but they are a tough audience.

The fate of the lace scarf has yet to be decided. This is what the pattern is supposed to look like:and this is what the scarf looks likeI think it might be beyond the hope of blocking, but I am going to think about it for another day or two. In the meantimeI've been using up a lot of the things in the "gift bin" in the back room, so I decided to start a scarf for a nice, easy, portable project. I almost cast on that marvelous sock yarn, but I really couldn't even pretend that I'd be tempted to put the socks into the gift bin, so a scarf it is!

I'm not really a selfish knitter....just with fabulous discontinued sock yarns.......