Thursday, January 30, 2014

Still Hanging On

I have almost kicked the bronchitis, I think.  Aside from a little bit yesterday, my cough is almost gone.  I still have some chest congestion, so Tuesday I picked up a cold medicine supposedly for chest congestion.  I say "supposedly" because
that third one is an outright lie.  I think it is supposed to be cherry flavor, but whatever cherries ever did to anyone to deserve such an insult is beyond me.  It's so awful that yesterday I was nauseous every time I took it.  Someone in the marketing department for these folks is just a sadist--that's all there is to it. 

Tomorrow will be 5 weeks of this garbage, and I feel like I should have a lot more knitting to show for it.  I've been working on the Alice Starmore sweater--possibly because an oversized sweater in fingering weight yarn and a never-ending cough seem to go together--and I just finished up another ball of yarn,
which makes almost 1300 yards of yarn in this baby already.  This is not a project for sane people.  However, I love this thing.  I'm at the gussets for the armholes, and
they have this wonderful patterning in them.  I love her attention to detail and no matter WHAT this sweater looks like when I'm done with it, I will be wearing it.  I might be wearing it to therapy, but I'll be wearing it. 

When my hands needed a break, I started cutting out terrorized gingerbread men.
I think I gave all of them away over Christmas, and I still have a lot of people who didn't receive them, so I'll be making masses of the things this year.  Or at least 6. 

As you might have guessed, there has been no sewing, which is unfortunate as that 100-yards-of-fabric for the year goal is off to a rocky start.  I'm hoping that 100 yards will make a visible dent in this:
I don't mind having a large stash when I'm using it, but with the back issues, I haven't sewn much for two years.  However......drum roll please..........I was released by my physiatrist on Monday because I've made enough progress to not need him.  YAY!!!!  He's a nice guy and obviously very helpful, and it might be that the bronchitis episode actually helped my back, and he said I have to be very careful right now to not overdo or push too hard or sit too long while I'm regaining my strength, but I haven't been this pain-free in two years.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if my lungs would just join the party.........


RobinH said...

Not that I want to discourage you or anything, but this sounds suspiciously like the cold my husband had in November from which he is *still* suffering chest congestion. (After 12 weeks he finally caved and went to see a doctor.)

As for the cherry flavor syrup...I can testify from personal experience that however awful the alleged cherry is, the 'original' flavor Nyquil knockoff stuff is so awful I think a manure heap sued to have their name taken off because it was giving shit a bad name.

The Starmore sweater, on the other hand, is utterly beautiful, and I'm sure you will adore wearing it when you're done. (I'd say that if you don't, you should send it to me, but I suspect we don't wear the same size. Alas.)

kayT said...

I have had this thing for seven weeks but I am a lot better now; only two coughing spells today (so far; it's not 7:00 pm yet). Man, it sucks. I know all about that "cherry" flavoring. I've taken three different kinds of generic cough syrup so far and the generic from Wally World was the least awful, I think.

Good luck and I hope you are rid of this awfulness soon. And, that Starmore sweater is gorgeous, as is the color.

Mandy said...

I do hope you are feeling much better soon and that the congestion clears up quickly. That medicine sounds dreadful...... however, the jumper is lovely.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thanks for flashing your fabric stash. I don't feel so alone with mine now as it looks like we're in good company. :)