Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Spending Ban Begins Wednesday!

One thing I've learned about myself:  I could be VERY dangerous given enough time to get ready for a "ban" on anything.  Before starting my very first year of Cold Sheeping, I had a last minute order "in case" I ran out of yarn:
There was a pink yarn in there as well, so my "getting ready" involved yarn for FOUR sweaters.  (Though in all fairness, the pink sweater is now my ratty wear-around-the-house sweater, the cream yarn is my favorite wool cardi, and the turquoise is my favorite spring sweater, so at least I shop well under duress). I was thinking of starting my ban on December 1, but that would give me an entire month to get myself into trouble with "preparation," so November 1 it is!

I just placed the Knitpicks order after removing more yarn from it.  I feel pretty good about it--I removed some colors that I thought could be nice and just went with what I am likely to do next year.  No lace weight, no sock yarn--just the ornament yarn.  And now I'm done.   The only thing that might become a problem is white machine embroidery thread because several of the ornaments I want to make next year are stand-alone lace ornaments and they are thread-hogs, but I have other colors as well and if I truly run out of that particular embroidery thread before November 1 of next year, I might make an exception.  Maybe.  I could grab another couple spools before Wednesday, but that would mean breathing in fabric fumes when I am about to embark on a year-long spending ban and I just don't think the end results would be pretty........


bentley said...

Oh, the sweet perfume of the fabric store! One of my favorite things to do to raise my spirits is to visit a fabric store. I touch, I sniff, I feel better. These days, in my location, there is not much temptation to buy. It's a win-win for those days.

Ilix said...

Go! Toni!!!
You can do it!
Inspire us!