Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well, I AM Being Monogamous...

....but not to anything in my basket.   Actually, I'm probably not being "monogamous" as that probably means only one project and I am working on two, but announcing that I am being a bigamist just doesn't sound right.  But it is sort of like progress to be keeping myself committed to just two projects.   It's somewhat easier to not be seduced by anything else in the stash, as I don't think the stash is playing nicely today.  Remember this?
The 1375-yard hank of cobweb yarn that wasn't on my Ravelry stash?  It has a friend.  At least one.  I had finally steeled myself to dig in the laceweight bin to see how much of the green yarn from dem fischer sin fru I really had, and ran into a second 1375-yard hank of yarn that isn't on Ravelry.  It must be breeding.  I decided that perhaps I didn't really want to play with the laceweight after all if THAT was the sort of behavior I could expect. 

As a consequence, the mohair jacket has armholes
and the lace scarf has gained quite a bit of length
I'll get a better picture tomorrow.  I had physical therapy again this afternoon, and while getting to change to therapy once a week does mean one is improving, it seems possible that it also means that the therapist might think you need a week to recover after each session.  I am SOOOOOOOOO tired tonight.  In all fairness, we have now moved on to exercises and stretching that would have worn me out even before I hurt my back, so I think is a good thing.  We'll see what I think in the morning......


Ilix said...

Looking good, I knew this year would be a good one for your stash!
Thanks for the drop by, all is well with me.

RobinH said...

Ooh, very nice! And it has just occurred to me...perhaps the reason I'm suddenly seized with a sweater is your insidious influence! (But I'm pretty sure there is no laceweight breeding in my closets. I don't have any laceweight. So there's a relief.)

However, it must be said, these little yarn surprises are probably going to continue turning up until you bite the bullet, turn out all those bins and boxes, and check them against your Rav list. (I'm not saying you should do it, just that you shouldn't be surprised to find yarn behaving badly if it's not being strictly supervised.)