Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Have Discovered A New Category of Knitting

Meet "the sulks" knitting:
Yesterday--after waking up two mornings in a row with painful back spasms, which hasn't happened in at least a month or more--I had my last physical therapy appointment, only to discover that the other hip had turned slightly, and was causing the same problems on the other side of my back.  I see the spine specialist today, but how the other side has gotten turned is anyone's guess, because the physical therapy exercises have worked both sides equally, and I've grown so strong that some of the exercises have had to be made more difficult.  I came home depressed, to say the least, and curled up with my self pity and knitting.

The yarn is Knit Picks Decadence, which was discontinued quite a while ago, and as the balls were leftover from a sweater I made, I hadn't bothered to add them to Ravelry, but since I still have quite a bit left now
I have added it.   I think I can get a second hat out of this, so perhaps it won't be in stash long.  Of course, I obviously think that about all yarn--otherwise I wouldn't have so very much of it.

Speaking of yarn that probably wasn't in the stash, I started this scarf yesterday
with a partial ball of yarn that I don't think was on my stash.  This colorway--one of my favorites ever--was discontinued a few years ago, so I scooped up a frightful amount of it on Ravelry, but I don't think this little 3/4 of a hank had made it on there.  For my own sanity--since this seems to be such an ongoing pattern this year--I have decided to embrace my stash this year rather than be so overwhelmed by it.  I have options, I have some great yarn.  I may even find MORE options as the year goes on, and I will enjoy knitting every darn ball of it.  I will even try to focus more on the wonderful finished objects I end up with than the yardage I use up, though I can't give up tracking it......:)

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RobinH said...

That's it, Toni. Love your stash. You have some really awesome yarns, there. And a cute hat, too!

And here's hoping the back issues heal already. You've had quite enough of that. Also, I'm sure that Theo is missing sewing.