Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Think We Need A Vote

So, the big monster beret was supposed to look like this, or rather "sort of" as I'm using a totally different yarn because no matter how tempting the idea of angora was, I just couldn't see giving everyone hats in baby pink or baby blue.  With a slight bit of editing, I think I can make the pattern work with the mohair, or I could make mohair scarves.  Idahoans don't wear hats as often as they do on the east coast, I think, as we really don't walk anywhere in the winter.  Maybe one more hat and then some scarves?

Do you guys get more use out of hats or scarves?  And, I'm thinking of adding beads to the scarves, which I don't think I can do to the hats.


RobinH said...

I wear hats more than scarves outdoors- but pretty beaded scarves are wonderful indoor accessories. On balance I probably get more use from hats, but that's because I'm kind of accessory-impaired...

Also, beads. How can one not want beads?

(Not sure how helpful this is!)

bittenbyknittin said...

I usually wear both a hat and a scarf when it is cold. And a sweater and wool socks and mitts of some sort. (I'm not very helpful, either.)