Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1 - 100 Projects To Go

What was I thinking????????????????

Okay, 365 days and 100 projects.  So, I need to finish a project ever 3.65 days.  Oh my.

Since it is the first of the month, I pulled out a Project of the Month bag and found

which I'm going to guess meant that I was to cast on for this

It's a cute pattern that I've made before, but to finish it in one month might take some doing.  I did get this far today

but even in my best knitterly optimism, I'm pretty sure this won't be finished in another 3 days.  Even if this cold continues to hang on--which it seems determined to do. 

Since we had to bow out of the New Year's Eve parties last night, I took a shot of Robitussin and spent the evening with Andy's sweater

which was a lot more enjoyable than the Robitussin.  Meanwhile Theo, who does appear to read the blog after all, has been regularly checking the ironing board for more surreptitious blocking

He and I both know there' still a kimono shawl to be blocked, so he's taking no chances.  To be honest, I think I'll wait until I'm off of the cold medicine for that.  Considering how many typos I managed in yesterday's post, I could end up felting the poor thing or blocking it into a tea cozy.  (And if you were all taking the same amount of cold medicine as I am, that would be really, really funny--which I think proves my point.....)


Gies said...

And a very happy knitting new year to you.
Thank you so much for a smile on my face.

tinebeest said...

Would it help with the 100 projects if you counted each finished sock or mitten as one single project (instead of waiting for the pair)?

Good luck, and happy new year!

Suna Kendall said...

People are so different. Feeling like I HAVE to knit to meet some deadline would kill all my joy in it. But you seem to get a zesty thrill from setting deadlines or living by interesting rules. I love seeing how you do things. I wish you luck, but even if I didn't have that pesky job, I doubt I could meet your goal without knitting a LOT of wrist warmers.

Janet said...

Hi Toni,
Happy New Year to you! You can manage your 100 projects this year, if you rememer this one golden rule.....Everything counts!!! If you are sewing, finishing a button band, sewing on the buttons (which might be the only thing left to do on the project). It doesn't mean that you have to start and complete 100 individual projects... Good luck, and I look forward to watching your count for the year!

carolynswafford said...

You crack me up!

stitchin' girl said...

You are amazing!! and inspiring! I am sure if you put your head to it, you will finish! Here's rooting for you. I wish I had your kind of commitment to UFOs.....I wouldn't dare to share them.....there are just WAY too many of them stashed around here in every nook and cranny :o)

RobinH said...

Happy new year! And I think in order to have a shot at the 100 projects, you're just going to have to count sets of things individually. So- a set of napkins or wine bags might rack up the numbers quickly, but a sweater will soak up the extra time...