Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Pi Shawl Progresseth!

I am just finishing up the last rows of the 48-row set on the Pi shawl, so I'm about to start the what-would-be-96-row-set-if-it-didn't-make-a-monster-sized-shawl part.  I'm trying really hard to NOT have to take it all off the needles, so with the aid of some stuffing, here's where I'm at

Everything so far has been sort of V-shaped, though the center part looks more like a flower than anything else.  I'm thinking of using this
for the next part, or is it a little too much "V" happening?  I could do something in more of an over-all pattern like cat's paw, or even something really open like faggotting. 



Janet said...

Love this PI shawl. Beautiful color. I think maybe a cats paw pattern or fagoting, just to change it up a little.

Gaidig said...

I like the pattern you have there. I think your shawl will look like a big lotus flower when you open it out.

The Blackwood Cottage said...

Great blog, glad I found you!!

RobinH said...

I like the idea of another pattern with Vs, as it provides a repeating design element that ties the different parts of the shawl into a harmonious whole.

The one you've chosen is very nice and would probably work fine. The fact you're asking us, though, suggests that you're finding it a bit too much like the patterns you've already used. Maybe what you really want is another pattern with V-shaped elements, but with more differences from the patterns in the center?

Daniele said...

Nice pattern - and the Vs will go great together!