Monday, December 7, 2009


If I were not on a WIP marathon, I would be casting on 387 pairs of mittens right now.  Normally, I hate mittens and have never bothered to knit any, but it's currently 8 degrees (Fahrenheit, or NEGATIVE 13 degrees Celsius) and frankly, it's time to rethink my mitten stance. 

Of course, I really shouldn't complain because according to Accuweather, while it is truly 8 degrees, the "real feel" is NINE degrees.  Well, break out the bikini!  Why even bother to say that?  (Wow, Martha, I wasn't going to go for that walk if it was 8 degrees, but since it really feels like 9, I just can't pass it up!)  How can it really feel one degree warmer?  I just shoveled 3 inches of snow off our driveway & sidewalk, and I'm pretty sure it feels like 8 degrees.  Maybe 5.  When I regain feeling in my cheeks I'll let you know.


Gaidig said...

Sounds like the perfect weather for curling up in fronnt of the fire with a mug of hot cider.

Anonymous said...

if you are prone to shy away from mittens, you should try making a pair of "bella's mittens." they are patterned after the ones bella wears in the movie "twilight," but aside from that it's an amazingly well-written, easy and quick pattern. it uses size 8 needles and about 200 yds of chunky yarn. i knit a pair in an evening or about 4 hours. instead of chunky i'm using regular ww double-stranded on size 7s and they are super cozy!

RobinH said...

I think the real question is, why do you hate mittens? Is it that you don't enjoy knitting such quick easy projects? (If so...I'm sure we can find you some fiendishly complicated mittens!) Or is it that you don't enjoy wearing them? I know that many people prefer gloves. (I'm a mitten wearer myself--my hands just freeze in gloves.)