Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm Trying Really Hard Not To Say This...

...but I am immensely proud of myself today.

There, I've said it.  I know I will probably bring down the wrath of the sewing gods upon my boastful little head, but maybe they're not as vengeful as the knitting gods.  I'll burn a little summer cotton tonight in sacrifice to the just to be on the safe side.  In the meantime


My first attempt at continuous quilting with the embroidery machine!

Okay, to be fair, it wasn't an intentional attempt.  My intention was to do a few unconnected pieces of design on each side--basically enough to keep the batting from going crazy in the washing machine but nothing too "involved."  That was before I discovered this:

 The design I had just embroidered onto the quilt that has taken THREE AND A HALF YEARS to make was only made for continuous design.  Not that there were any directions with the software--which I will point out is the only embroidery software I bought from Husqvarna (the company that made my sewing machine) and for the insane price of $89.00, I think they could have chipped in a blasted instruction book. 

So now I had the problem of either figuring out a way to duplicate the circle on the other side, or figuring out how to join the designs.  Taking a deep breath, I measured, marked, remeasured and.....

It worked!!!

I still have to do some hand-sewing on the corners as I can't get the silly machine to duplicate the design or do a mirror image or anything else.  But one side is done, and my ever-present companion was on-hand to help me prep to tackle the next side

Now be honest--do you think my friend would notice if only one side were quilted? 


RobinH said...

Looks great! And does this mean that you've finished the binding?

Karin said...

Looks wonderful, good for you for figuring out how to do it!

tinebeest said...

You could try and call it a design feature, being only quilted on one side :-)

Looks good!

Daniele said...

That came out great! Hi THEO!

(yes, coming up from FB for some air - shocking, isn't it???) ;)