Saturday, August 9, 2008

WIP Wrestling

The Ravelympics started yesterday, but I didn't get to start on my entries for WIP Wrestling until today. Bright and early this morning, I cast on the second sleeve for my nephew's sweaterand it's making great progress. It could possibly be done this weekend, which would be WIP number 7 in my WIP marathon, and 1 completed for Ravelympics. YAY!

The poncho got a little attention today as well.
Then as a reward, I got to work on Fleur

This is the beaded band that will go all around the edges. I am still totally in love with beading,
but I've reached a bit of a snag:
I can't get more beads until the spending ban is over, so I might start showing a little more loyalty to the WIP Wrestling entries. I might only be capable of project monogamy under extreme circumstances, but when a gift is already 6 months late, I'll resort to pretty much anything.


Anonymous said...

So the bead gods are working on your behalf by making those lovely and distracting beads be all gone and temporarily unavailable, thereby leaving you free to whip out some WIPs, huh? Good deal!

Daniele said...

Oh No! You ran out of beads? How is that possible? There had to be like 6,436 beads in that tube. How much longer for the spending ban?

BTW, what is your "handle" on ravelry? I'd like to put you in my friends. :)