Saturday, August 16, 2008

Contest Rules Revised

Our WIP marathoners--me included--are slowing down a bit, and some are struggling to stay motivated with all the new projects and yarns facing them on a daily basis. As everyone has been great about supporting and encouraging each other on Ravelry and through each other's blogs, I have decided to alter the contest slightly.

Any of the WIP marathoners who can finish 10 WIPs in a row (without casting on any new projects) will receive a new personalized knitting bag. There will be an additional prize for anyone who finishes 20 in a row, though I think I might be the only one who had over 20 to begin with. Still, if I finish at least 20 before casting on, I'll be rewarding myself as well--and reviving those who have fainted in surprise.

Onward fellow WIPpers!!!!!!


Janet said...

You aren't the only one with over 20 WIPS, my list was around 35 or 40, I think, lol. So, good challenge for us.

Anonymous said...

I think your WIP-finishing campaign has set the cosmos into a state of unbalance, one it's trying to resolve by instilling a BAD case of I-don't-wanna-finish-that-darned-thing-osis in me! Maybe if you slip up and cast on something (anything) new, I'll be able to buckle down and finish my sad little one WIP? Please?

RobinH said...

Ooh! Toni-in-Florida is clearly an agent of chaos! Don't listen to her! Think of your WIPs, begging to be finished. Think of your fellow contestants, looking to you to set a shining example. You can do it!