Monday, April 14, 2008

There Are No Small Knitting Victories....

...there are just ones that people haven't learned to brag about properly.

Victory 1: It is April 14 and I have not purchased any yarn or fabric since 2007.

Victory 2: April has been designated the "Month of Works in Progress" and I have not yet cast on a new project.

Victory 3: It is April 14 and our taxes are done and filed!!!!!! (Okay, that has nothing at all to do with knitting, but it is fabulous nonetheless)

So, maybe it's okay that I've mostly ignored my "A" and "B" rating system in favor ofthe alpaca cardigan. Look! I just divided for the sleeves!!! It could be done in May! Wow, good thing too--it might get down to a bone-chilling 60 degrees over Memorial Day weekend. Actually, this is Idaho, and snow is even possible on Memorial Day weekend--we like to keep our options open.

And even better--I've almost used up another ball of yarn!

I'll soon be scratching off another 122 yards--putting me over 5,500 yards so far this year.

The fabric stash has been moving a little slower, but this weekend I did cut out a new summer dress.

It was obviously Callisto's turn to "fur" my project. I try not to mind keeping lint rollers everywhere, but occasionally I forget and I don't care how much gender stereotypes have changed over the years, what woman is really prepared to look down and find her chest covered in fur?


Jillsknit said...

I've pretty much given up on the whole furry clothes thing. People know I have cats and they are pretty good at ignoring my fuzzy chest! Black pants are the worst!!

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful kitty just wants you to take a little bit of him with you, wherever you go. Thank goodness for washers and driers with good lint filters!

Anonymous said...

Wild applause! Fireworks! Confetti! A parade is held in your honor!

(Congratulations and well done! Breaking with old habits is never easy.)

And Callisto looks very comfy :). And think about it- if he wasn't willing to step up and do his part, you'd have to cover your clothes with cat hair yourself, and what fun would that be?