Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Have GOT To Give Up Math

On Ravelry, several people have been talking about how many miles of yarn they have in their stash.  Though I was born here in America, I still struggle with our completely crazy measuring system.  My first year canning was a nightmare:  2 cups make a pint, 2 pints make a quart............and then WHAMMO! 4 quarts the the gallon.  NO!  If we start out by 2s, we need to STAY with the 2s.  Of course, this is nothing compared with our other measuring standards--12 inches to 1 foot.   Do we jump to 12 feet?  No--we pick the totally daft 3 feet = a yard.  Do we stick with 3s?  Nope.  1760 yards make a mile.  If it was going to be a random number anyway, how about an easier one to remember?   See what I mean?  It's completely insane.  So knowing that I have just under 200,000 yards sounds like a lot, of course--and IS a lot--but I don't really have a mental picture.  Until I did the math:

I have 113 miles of yarn in my stash!

113 MILES!  I don't have a stash--I have a road trip!