Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Have Hat!!!!

Meet project 92:
It's a much cuter hat that the picture might lead you to believe, but in the final scramble to get to 100, it's the projects and not the pictures that are getting the attention.  That I stayed up late on a Saturday night to finish it is open to interpretation.  I prefer to think of it as "showing extreme determination to reach goals," versus "pathetic and sad and well on the way to being a batty old lady." 

So, 8 projects left and if I use up 9 more yards of fabric in the next 40 days I will have hit the new secondary goal of using up 100 yards of fabric for the year--which really won't make much of a dent on the fabric stash as I haven't been on a purchasing ban for fabric and have recently been lashing out with my poor little Visa so often at Joanns that my poor credit card can be heard whimpering in pain at the bottom of my purse.  BUT it will at least make me feel good to know that I might have used up more fabric this year than I have purchased....or at least up until the after-Christmas sales which I plan to take full advantage of.  Then maybe a fabric ban for next year as well........?  After all, the sewing room is actually never going to be less cluttered if every time I free up some space by using up yarn I cram it up again with fabric.  Which has taken me 2 years to realize, unfortunately.......


bittenbyknittin said...

That *is* a cute hat. Did you make up the pattern or is it available somewhere?

RobinH said...

Is there a third descriptive option? Like, 'dangerously obsessed, back away slowly and don't get between her and the yarn'

Cute hat and whoo-hoo! 92 projects... I'm panting along in your dust!

(I'm holding out for 'knitting-induced insomnia' myself.)

Daniele said...

Love the hat! Also, if you've bought more than 100 yards of fabric this year - you might want to consider the fabric ban for next year. :D Or - maybe, if you want to not use up the space you are gaining with the yarn, only buy what you use up in the fabric department. That way you can still take advantage of the sales, and you will have more space when you use up the yarn. :D win-win???