Not quite 5 yards of 45-inch wide guaze:
 1 yard of 60-inches wide chiffon:
1 yard of 45-inches wide:
 1 yard of 45-inches wide:

 8 yards of 45-inch wide silky print:
 4 yards of 60-inch-side silky print:

 4 yards 60-inches wide "linen look?" blend:
 tan sheeting for Andy:
6 yards of 60-inch wide suiting:
 6 yards of 60-inch wide suiting:
 3.5 yards border print:
 5 yards of 45"-wide silky:
 6 yards plush/fiune wale corduroy (60-inches wide):
1.66 yards of red polyester-blend.  Use for embroidered table runners:
Cotton flannel - long-sleeved shirt for Andy
3.5 yards of cotton for summer dress:
home deco fabric for jacket, jacket, handbag:
 2 1/6 yard purple peachskin:
fabric for additional placemats and approximately 5 yards of navy microsuede: 
4 5/8 yard of 45"-wide:
 2 yards:
 4.375 yards of peachskin:
2.5 yards cotton (Andy)
5.722 yards Swiss dot (60-inch) in teal:
1.75 yards microsuede (60):
 2.25 yards fine-wale corduroy, 45" wide:

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